Comparing Lucid and Non-Lucid Dream Content - Alternative Instructions

Wanted: Four dream reports, two lucid and two non-lucid


First, we would like you to report on your most recent lucid and non-lucid dreams. They might be from this morning, a week ago, or a month ago. Include the date and approximate time (estimated, if necessary) of the dream. These two dream reports must be done today.

Write out each requested dream in a text editor or email editor, then copy and paste it into the dream report field on the appropriate dream content report form.

NOTE: These reports should not have been recorded previously (i.e., don't just copy them from your dream journal). If you record all of your dreams so that this isn't possible, please write from memory the two dream reports and copy the corresponding reports from your journal. Please do not refer to the journal to refresh your memory! We want to study memory effects on dream reporting. Label the two pairs of reports as follows:

1a. MOST RECENT NON-LUCID DREAM (date/time of NLD and date/time recorded, which should be today)

1b. MOST RECENT NON-LUCID DREAM FROM JOURNAL (date/time of NLD and date/time previously recorded)

2a. MOST RECENT LUCID DREAM (date/time of LD and date/time recorded, which should be today)

2b. MOST RECENT LUCID DREAM FROM JOURNAL (date/time of LD and date/time previously recorded)

Click here for the DREAM CONTENT FORM.

Secondly, please record your very next lucid and non-lucid dreams. Record these two dreams as soon after awakening from them as possible.

FOR ALL FOUR DREAMS: Please describe the dream exactly and as fully as you can remember it. Your report should contain, whenever possible, a description of the setting of the dream, whether it was familiar to you or not; your intentions or goals within the dreams and if you accomplished them. If possible, describe your feelings during the dream and whether it was pleasant or unpleasant. Be sure to tell exactly what happened during the dream to you and the other characters. If the dream was lucid be sure to indicate when you became lucid, and how you knew you were dreaming. Reports should be between 50-500 words each.

We understand that details may be scant from "most recent" dreams if they weren't too recent, but we are adhering to this method for comparison purposes with other studies. Please resist the tendency to select a more interesting example than your most recent or next lucid or non-lucid dream. In another later phase of the study, we will ask for several other types of sample of lucid and non-lucid dreams, for example, "most interesting" or "meaningful", but in this study, we are attempting to obtain a random, unselected sample of dreams.

Participants who complete the study by submitting the four requested dream reports will receive a link allowing them to download a free copy of A TRANCE INDUCTION OF LUCID DREAMING in mp3 format, so be sure to give a valid email address on the questionnaire. Please fill out questionnaires and reports for each of the four dreams as soon as possible, but no later than the End of the World, or the end of this study, whichever comes sooner.

We would be happy to receive additional sets of reports beyond the minimum 2-4 that we have asked for above. Please label them as "Other Non-Lucid Dreams" or "Other Lucid Dreams". Thanks for your contribution to phenomenological oneirology!

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Last modified 23Feb2016