Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
Dream Content Report Form
Your Oneironaut ID code links your data from different experiments and reports. M or F (Male/Female), followed by your date of birth in order of YEAR, month, and day (yyyymmdd), and ending with 2 initials from your First and Last names (FL). So for example, if your name were Lucy Dreamer and you were born on July 14, 1984, your OID would be F19840714LD; for John Smith, born January 6, 1990, the OID would be M19900106JS. [rev3]
* 1. Oneironaut ID
* 2. Name
* 3. Email Address
* 4. Age
* 5. Gender
Please add the date and time you had the dream, and the date and time you recorded it in the appropriate field below. (E.g., July 2, 2am; 28aug05, 10am or e.g., 28aug05 6am; 9am) For Other reports, also give the experience an appropriate label.
* 6. Type of dream
Please describe the dream exactly and as fully as you can remember it. Your report should contain, whenever possible, a description of the setting of the dream, whether it was familiar to you or not; your intentions or goals within the dream and if you accomplished them. Describe your feelings during the dream and whether it was pleasant or unpleasant. Be sure to tell exactly what happened during the dream to you and the other characters. For lucid dreams, be sure to indicate when you became lucid, and how you knew you were dreaming. Reports should be between 50-500 words each.
* 7. Dream Report
How well were you able to recall this experience?
* 8. Recall
At any time did you choose between alternative actions after consideration of the options? (E.g., I decided to finish my homework instead of going to the movies.) If YES, please describe:
* 9. Choice
Did you internally comment on any event, or wonder about anything? (E.g., I wondered who locked the door.) If YES, please describe:
* 10. Internal commentary
Did any element or event capture your attention unexpectedly? (E.g., The telephone rang and I answered it.) If YES, please describe:
* 11. Unexpected attention
Did you focus for a period of time on accomplishing a particular objective? (E.g., I looked all over for my keys.) If YES, please describe:
* 12. Focused or sustained attention
Were you concerned about the impression you made, how you looked, or how you appeared to others? (E.g., I was afraid I’d seem foolish if I asked a question.) If YES, please describe:
* 13. Public self-consciousness
Did you feel any emotions during the experience? (E.g., I was angry at my roommate for messing up the room.) If YES, please describe:
* 14. Emotion
Did you think about your own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motivations, or behavior? (E.g., I thought about the fact that I’m always concerned about getting to places on time.) If YES, please describe:
* 15. Event-related private self-consciousness/self-reflectiveness
Did you have any thoughts about something unrelated to the situation you were in? (E.g., I thought about something I’m going to have to do next month.) If YES, please describe:
* 16. Event-unrelated private self-consciousness
Did you experience anything unusual? (E.g., I looked in the mirror and saw a pair of ears instead of the usual eyes.) If YES, please describe:
* 17. Unusual experience