Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., world-renowned expert on lucid dreaming, has pioneered the scientific study of the topic. His groundbreaking research at Stanford University demonstrated the validity of lucid dreaming to the scientific world, and his best-selling books Lucid Dreaming, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, and Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide have introduced hundreds of thousands to the experience.

He has had more than 30 years of relevant personal and professional experience, having earned his Ph.D. in Psychophysiology from Stanford University in 1980 for his seminal laboratory research on lucid dreaming. His contributions to lucid dreaming methodology include developing lucid dream induction techniques (e.g., MILD, the counting technique for falling asleep consciously, and the sleep interruption technique (WBTB)), the spinning and hand-rubbing techniques for stabilizing lucid dreams, and various lucid dream induction devices such as the DreamLight and NovaDreamer. His scientific contributions include using eye-movement signals to prove the reality of lucid dreams, characterizing the basic physiology of lucid dreams (and coining the terms DILD and WILD), and showing through a variety of experiments that lucid dream actions affect the brain (and to a lesser extent the body) as-if they were actually happening. Dr. LaBerge’s recent research shows how the phenomenon of lucid dreaming sheds light on the nature of consciousness, viewing consciousness as the dream of what happens, with perception and dreaming essentially differing only by the presence or absence of sensory constraints.

He can be a very entertaining presenter, and has been known to stimulate thought and on occasion, even lucidity. In addition, Stephen has had extensive personal experience with lucid dreaming, having learned to have lucid dreams at will, and among his thousands of lucid dreams are many which have been delightful, inspiring, enlightening, and life-changing. He has dedicated his life's work to bringing this transformative experience to as many individuals as possible.


Kristen LaMarca, Ph.D. is an avid lucid dreamer whose primary interest focuses on the therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming. After attending her first Dreaming and Awakening workshop in 2007, Kristen returned for a second helping in 2010 and became increasingly involved in the program while working through training to become a clinician.

In addition to assisting with research experiments conducted during the workshop, Kristen will begin our morning sessions with guided meditations and group discussions on dreams of the night. She will be working directly with participants to help them develop and hone the skills for a fulfilling lucid dream practice. As an experienced practitioner of dream yoga and meditation within the lucid dream state, Kristen will also share her insights into a discipline that has resulted in much personal reward.

Assistance from a Distance

Patricia “Keelin” Keelin is a dedicated and accomplished oneironaut, and long-time associate of Dr. LaBerge and Lucidity Institute. For more than twenty years, she has shared her experience and endless enthusiasm for lucid dreaming by teaching workshops, facilitating at our Dreaming and Awakening programs, and through radio and television interviews. She has participated in research experiments as a lab subject and worked extensively with Dr. LaBerge's lucid dreaming induction devices.

Although Keelin will be unable to join us in Hawaii for this workshop, she will be offering organizational and pre-program assistance, and wondering, often aloud, "How odd is this?".

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