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The SuperNovaDreamer

Connect your NovaDreamer to your personal computer with the SuperNova Dreamer interface box. The Super NovaDreamer interface allows you to upload the sleep data stored by your NovaDreamer to your computer. The SuperNovaDreamer software displays a graphical view of your sleep periods, showing the times of cues given, along with the settings you used. You can save each night's information to a file: dreams and lucid dreams recalled, cues seen, dream reports and notes.  The graphical interface allows you to rapidly change the NovaDreamer settings and upload them to your NovaDreamer (bypassing the manual controls). Individual settings can be saved and uploaded, allowing multiple users to personalize NovaDreamer settings.

The SuperNova Dreamer software introduces new features, such as a wake-up alarm, the ability to give cues during a specified time period (for example, after 6 hours of sleep), and feedback showing when the NovaDreamer gave you cues. This gives you the ability to instruct your NovaDreamer to deliver cues only during your most optimum time period for lucid dreaming.

  • Improved simplicity: All NovaDreamer settings, including cue variables, cue delays, and dream alarm, can be quickly set through a graphical display on your computer.
  • Cue time markers: Graphically displays the exact times that cues were delivered during the night, helping you learn your dream patterns and ideal times for lucid dreaming.
  • Data storage: Each night's sleep data may be saved and recorded in files on your computer.
  • Wake-up alarm: The alarm awakens you at your chosen time with sound from the mask speaker.
  • Cue window: Specifies a range of time when you want to receive cues (for example, after 6 hours of sleep).
  • Data integration: Combines sleep data files and graphs all cue times to reveal dream patterns over many nights.
  • Individual setting files: Allows many different sets of settings to be saved and retrieved for many dreamers.
  • Dream diary: Dream reports can be written into a night's data file for exercises and analysis.

(Note: You must have a NovaDreamer to use the computer interface.)
  • SuperNova Dreamer computer interface box & miniphono cable
  • Super NovaDreamer User Manual
  • Power supply: 110VAC input, 9VDC output, 100ma, positive tip
  • PC DB-9 serial cable (Keyspan USB adapter available below)
  • WIN & MAC Software download
  • 1-year limited warranty (extended warranty available)
  • Technical support by email

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