* 1. Name
* 2. email address
* 3. Where in the world do you live? [City, State, Country]
Please mark with an asterisk (*) your choice of which of your devices you would prefer to use with the ND2 if it needed to be in your bedroom. in the appropriate text field. For example, if you wanted to use your iPhone 5S, you'd check the 7th box (Apple iPhone specify type) and fill in the textfield at right with "5S *". Or if some unlisted device, you'd check the last box and fill in the textfield "Secret Dreamphone *" [NOTE: Only type text in checkbox fields you have checked! Otherwise you will get an Error!]
* 4. What kind of computers, tablets, or smartphones do you have?
[If you are uncertain please describe the relevant factors and what information you need to know in the Comments and Questions field below.]
* 5. How likely would you be to purchase a ND2 within the next 3 months if it were available for approximately US$200?
Beta-testers will be the first to receive the new ND2s but must agree to provide feedback to be specified.
* 6. Would you be interested in Beta-testing the new ND2?
Please note that we may not be able to answer individual questions at this time, but FAQs will be addressed in a mailing to be sent 2nd Quarter 2014 describing full details of features, availability, and price.
  7. Any comments or questions?
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