A Course in Lucid Dreaming

A COURSE IN LUCID DREAMING is a comprehensive home-study training program in lucid dreaming. It uses EXPLORING THE WORLD OF LUCID DREAMING by LaBerge and Rheingold as a textbook and includes a personal workbook. The exercises and techniques introduced are essential to learning how to consistently and effectively lucid dream.

The Course takes you from the beginning stages of improving your dream recall and becoming familiar with the hallmarks of your dreams, through several different techniques for increasing your ability to have lucid dreams, to mastery of the art of lucid dreaming. All scientifically proven methods of lucid dream induction are covered. Many focusing exercises help you develop the mental powers needed to become an expert lucid dreamer.

The Course consists of five Units and takes a minimum of four months to complete. Charts and logs in the workbook assist you in assessing your skill level and in monitoring your progress. Also included are three audio files as described below.

Workbook Synopis:
UNIT 1 develops the fundamental skills of dream recall and dream awareness. It also presents exercises to help you relax and focus your mind, abilities important for success with lucid dream induction techniques.

UNIT 2 begins your lucid dreaming training with a goal-setting exercise. You learn the versatile Reflection-Intention technique and prepare for the technique.

UNIT 3 teaches the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) technique. If practice diligently, this is an extremely powerful method of achieving lucidity. To boost your memory power, the Unit assigns a remembering game. The low-key Autosuggestion technique provides a break from the intense MILD method, and is followed by visualization practice in Unit 4.

UNIT 4 focuses on Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD). The procedure for napping to become lucid is given, along with several methods of bringing waking awareness with you as you directly enter a dream.

UNIT 5 is the "Traveler's Guide to the Dream World," offering specific techniques for getting the most out of your lucid dreams. You learn how to delay awakening, prolong lucidity, awaken at will, and develop skill in choosing your actions and guiding lucid dreams.

A Trance Induction of Lucid Dreaming [downloadable audio file]
by Stephen LaBerge and Lynne Levitan
Dr. LaBerge's trance induction is designed to help you create a mind-set in which lucid dreaming will happen easily. The hypnotic induction begins with progressive relaxation accompanied by guided visualization of calming images. Once you have attained a peaceful state of mind, Dr. LaBerge gives you suggestions for building confidence that you will succeed at having lucid dreams. You are guided in devising a personal symbol to help you to recognize when you are dreaming. The musical accompaniment by Robert Rich sets an ambiance of serenity.

A Course in Lucid Dreaming supplement CDs
by Stephen LaBerge and Lynne Levitan
This set of two CDs is a supplement to the A Course in Lucid Dreaming workbook, designed to enhance the ease and effectiveness of your lucid dreaming study. Experts verbally lead you through exercises for stimulating lucid dreams. This allows you to perform the exercises with full concentration without referring to written instructions. Several of the exercises are ideal for listening to as you fall asleep, to maximize your chances of inducing lucid dreams. High quality, professional production makes this CD a pleasure to hear. Some of the exercises included are: Increasing Your Consciousness of the World Around You, Progressive Relaxation, Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, Developing Visualization Skills.

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