Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

A Seminar with Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D
Daniel Erlacher, Ph.D and Tim Post

Institute for Sport Science (ISPW)
University of Bern, Switzerland
24-25 March 2012

Lucid dreaming (dreaming while cognizant that one is dreaming) is a powerful, life-expanding altered state. It is also a learnable skill, and Dr. LaBerge's research has led to the development of highly effective methods of inducing lucid dreams. This seminar will provide an overview of the science of lucid dreaming, from original discovery to techniques of inducing lucid dreams and how to use them to transform your life. Participants will gain an enhanced awareness and appreciation of their own consciousness, dreaming and waking, and tools to proceed with developing their own lucid dreaming ability.

Topics included
  • Lucid Dreaming as a Learnable Skill: learning how to learn; remembering, intention, focus; inducing, stabilizing, and guiding lucid dreams
  • Dream Guidance vs. Dream Control; freedom, flexibility, and choice; Self-control vs. magical dream manipulation
  • Dream Science: review of sleep and dream science; psychophysiological studies mind/body relationships during REM sleep; proof that lucid dreams really happen
  • Lucid dream work: from nightmares to wholeness; Jung's Shadow, self-integration; further applications of lucid dreaming
  • Dreaming, Illusion and Reality: Whether in the body or out of it, it's all virtual reality; physical vs. phenomenal body; Out-of-body experiences; consciousness a model of self and the world
  • Dreaming Death and Transcendence; clarity and compassion; Tibetan Dream Yoga; theories of personal and trans-personal identity; awakening
  • Life as a dream: Wake Up in your Dreams and Be More Alive in your Life